3 More Awards For Mr. Invisible


It turns out they like Mr. Invisible in Puerto Rico! Thanks to Cinefiesta 2014 for rewarding our film and well done to the team on 3 more awards – Best Actor for Julian Glover, Best Script for Richard Sainsbury and the Audience Award for… everyone!

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I’ve wanted to go to Puerto Rico since I read Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘The Rum Diary’. If you haven’t read it you’re missing out. Don’t let the movie put you off. Thompson taught himself to write like Hemingway by copying out The Sun Also Rises over and over again. Maybe I should do that with Paul Thomas Anderson screenplays.

Happy 4th of July – America Mega Montage


A lot of Americans think that 4th of July is a sore subject for us Brits. But we celebrate it to. Our feelings on America getting it’s independence were similar to a parents’ when their unruly son finally goes off to college. There was sense of pride, relief and also trepidation of the damage he might cause. Many, many frat parties later we still love you!

In celebration of all things Red, White and Blue I cut together this pop culture montage. It’s 45 minutes long and is intended to play or be projected to the music of your choice. It contains many US heroes – Hulk Hogan, Kenny Powers, Pamela Anderson… Arnie!

I actually edited it together using Daft Punk as a tempo reference. But it goes equally well with Bruce Springsteen. Enjoy and feel free to share and play at your parties today!



Aspen Shortsfest 2014 – Awards For Mr. Invisible


I’ve just come to the end of a fantastic week at Aspen Shortsfest in the company of so many talented and interesting filmmakers. Aspen Film received over 3000 submissions and selected only 70 films for their 2014 festival so it really represented the best of the best of short filmmakers… and me.

The week started, as most British holidays do, with an embarrassing sunburn. I got caught up in an intense nerdy discussion with two other film geeks about such topics as the artistic merits of Gravity, the future of cinema and Kubrick’s drive for perfection. Next thing we knew we’d been in the sun for 2 hours without protection. I waited for the inevitable fallout. Over the next few days my nose blistered (!) turned red and then peeled profusely, providing a source of much amusement for the other filmmakers. Wear sunscreen kids!

A few days into the festival I found out that Mr. Invisible had won the Best World Cinema Short at Phoenix Film Festival, which was playing at the same time as Aspen. That was exciting. The term World Cinema makes me feel more arty.

The short films screening in Aspen were of such high quality. I watched every single one throughout the week and was really inspired by the quality and variety of stories being told. I think I cried at least 4 or 5 times. And that was just at the bar.

One of the great things about Aspen is they encourage connection between the filmmakers and local students. One of the most gratifying moments of the week was sharing my film with a school from Austin and answering their questions about the film and the industry. I explained to them I really didn’t know what I was talking about but just encouraged them to make as many films as they can and keep trying to improve.

My 15 minutes of fame came on Thursday when I found myself on the front page of the Aspen Times. The placement of the sexual assault headline beneath the picture couldn’t have been more perfect:

Hours of Torture at Our Filmmaker Q&A

Hours of Torture at Our Filmmaker Q&A

Time flew by all too fast, and pretty soon it was the Awards on Sunday night. Mr. Invisible was awarded both the Special Jury Recognition and the Audience Special Recognition, which was an incredible way to end the week. I felt humbled to receive that recognition in the presence of so much other great work. I left the festival with

The sun must have been shining on me (and not just my nose) this week because to cap it off I was bumped up on my flight home to 1st Class. Maybe they could sense I was an award-winner. Or maybe they felt sorry for my sunburn. Either way it was the first time I’d experienced that. I had an amazing 3 course meal and got to sleep a fully reclining seat/bed. This was my starter:

Lets Put Another Shrimp On The Barbie!

Lets Put Another Shrimp On The Barbie!

I still feel terrible now though so it’s reassuring to know that no matter what people pay for their tickets we all still feel like shit when we arrive at our destination.

Big thanks to the festival organisers and the City of Aspen for such a memorable week. Can’t wait to come back again soon!

Come On Down To Tony’s Dojo – A Highly Dangerous Martial Arts Dojo Based In A Scout Hut


We launched our first ever We Like Laughter sketch yesterday. After much hard work in the edit it is now online for your viewing pleasure. It features me in a mullet as legendary/questionable Sensai Tony Best and lots of flawless martial arts demonstrations. I hope that you enjoy it and, if it makes you laugh, that you’ll help us by sharing it around and telling your friends. Thanks for watching!

A Burning Desire


Greg Ash:

I’ve published a new unerotic story at Fifty Shades of Greg. I hope I am inventing a new form of literature. I’m calling it WoeMance. Check out the story. I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted on Fifty Shades Of Greg:

I once made a literary joke on a beach in Thailand. I was lying on an Arsenal towel reading Mikhail Bulgakov’s ‘The Master and Margarita’. My progress with the book had been good, interrupted only sporadically by the sounds of a volleyball game happening near by.

‘I’ve literally been shagging every night this week,’ a tanned British lad was shouting to the opposition. ‘It’s actually getting boring now! 7-4!’

Their volleyball had already bounced over to me once, and, in an attempt to prove that I was both arty and sporty, I had jumped up to retrieve it. The volleyball lads had stood flexing their six-packs as I scampered across the hot sand for the ball. I had picked it up and prepared to launch it back to them. In my head, I was going to palm it with such force and accuracy that the lads would then proceed to…

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It’s James Franco Friday!


Watch (or rewatch for the 100th time) our first episode of Scott’s Lookalikes today and then share it with your friends on Myspace. Lets get this baby viral!

And if you share the video and then lets us know over at the facebook page with a comment then you could get your photo featured in Season 2. Francs A Million!