The Gary Gold Story


Hey guys! I’ve just launched a new comedy series on YouTube, The Gary Gold Story, following the misguided attempts of washed up once great English footballer Gary Gold to resurrect his career in the Los Angeles. Hope you enjoy Chapter One: 

And if you like wanna support Gary in his American Dream he’s on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as @thegarygold.

Thanks for checking out our first epsisode and for any help sharing the Gold.


Meet The Two Most Clueless Cops In Britain


Ello, Ello, Ello… After a few months of solid method research we just released a new We Like Laughter comedy short – Coppers. This one follows the fortunes of two of the UK’s finest law enforcers, PC’s Cooper and Tin, as they head out on their morning mission – to find breakfast. Thanks for checking it out and for helping us spread the word on Twitter or Facebook if you enjoy.

For the true purists, there’s also a full length (foot long) version including much more ridiculousness that you can watch below:

LA Girlfriend – The Nightmare of Dating in Hollywood


Hey guys! We’ve just launched a new We Like Laughter sketch, LA Girlfriend, featuring Carina Birrell as the demanding Californian girlfriend and myself as her pathetic British boyfriend. It’s a role I’ve been preparing for my whole life so I hope you enjoy it.

Do feel free to repost and share with anyone who you think would enjoy, and subscribe to our We Like Laughter channel for more sketches coming soon. Thanks for watching and helping to spread the laugh!

Doggy Style – This Is What You Call A Shitty First Date


We just launched some brand new sketch comedy produced by We Like Laughter and directed by my friend Ryan Turner. This one involves me, a curry and a pretty messy first date. If it makes you laugh, then help us go viral by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the other one people use. Enjoy!


New Comedy – Hollywood Superstar – Watch It Now


We just launched a new We Like Laughter sketch “Hollywood Superstar”. It stars the brilliant Lindsey Shaw, Javier Aguayo, Mario Revolori and also an old friend of mine – Guy Steve. He’s like a more successful and less arrogant version of me.

Hope it makes you laugh. Help us spread the laugh by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter. #KeepBloodyDreaming

New Comedy – Lads Night Out


Yesterday was supposed to be the most miserable day of the year (according to some study somewhere) so we decided to release our new We Like Laughter sketch Lads Night Out. I say “new sketch” but we actually filmed it a bloody long time ago and were waiting for my co-star Chris Ash to have the right amount of star power (Facebook friends) before we launched.

Here it is finally in all it’s glory. I humbly ask that if you enjoy it please share on Facebook, Twitter and Friendster so that Rob & Stuart can go viral:

Thanks to everyone who helped us make it especially our Kickstarter backers. All credits are under the video on YouTube.