Dig A Pony

My friends, Aaron Hall, Page Finlay and Jacob Carey are opening a bar here in Portland. It’s called Dig A Pony, inspired by a Beatles song.

With it scheduled to open in 2 weeks time, they are working hard to get it ready in time, stripping the floor, fitting the bar, installing the kitchen. The list is endless. I have been managing their daily blog and facebook, and generally helping out in a manner that doesn’t involve heavy lifting or use of machinery. I even painted a wall in the kitchen the other day!

I’m very excited by the what’s taking shape down there. They’re going for a nice blend of old and new, and planning on serving fantastic food, and having DJ’s playing records every night of the week. I’m looking forward to organising a few events when it opens and maybe even starting a darts team.

I’ve been hanging around a lot over the last 4 weeks, observing and taking photos. Here’s some of my shots…

View From Across The Street

Making Way For The Stained Glass Window

Aaron Sweeps Up

Those Walls Are Painted Now

Page Painting

That's Going On The Wall

To support Dig A Pony you can read their blog, become a fan on facebook, and follow them on Twitter @digaponypdx, if you’re into that kind of thing. Or just go get a drink if you’re ever in Portland. I’ll see you there.


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