Catsitting 3 – The Final Insult

So another week, another cat to look after. I left Cudi behind last week. I’m not sure if cats weep (NOTE TO SELF – Try to make a cat cry) but if they do she certainly shed a few tears. 3 weeks is a long time in cat years.

If you take a bad enough photo it kind of looks like she's crying...

As fate would have it, another opportunity of catsitting came my way. This time for 5 days looking after Buca, a large black female. I was warned by the owner upon her departure that Buca had a habit of urinating on smells she didn’t recognise. On no account was I to leave piles of my clothes anywhere on the floor. But surely I was an unrecognisable smell? Would she be pissing on me while I slept? She said that as long as fed her wet food, she’d probably be nice to me. Then she flew to Chicago.

And so it was that I spent 5 days keeping Buca’s bowl stuffed full of wet food and locking my clothes in a cupboard. On the 3rd day she was sick on the floor, probably down to too much wet food. However, as I prepared to leave the house yesterday, and move on somewhere new, I was pretty confident this had been the only unwanted emission of the week.

No feline urine on my clothes! A great success. I took this photo with Buca to celebrate…

Buca and I Celebrating Our Dry Relationship

I shook her paw and said goodbye. It wasn’t till this morning when I went to put on my boxers that I smelled the distinctive scent of ammonia that I realised she’d done me. She done me right up! My socks and underwear were covered in cat piss, along with a dashing bowtie I’d bought at Cannes Film Festival no less. Cats have no respect for cinema. And that’s one of the main reasons why they’ll never make it in Hollywood.

(NB – Cannes has a Palm Dog award celebrating the best dog at the festival that year. But they don’t have a Palm Cat. Coincidence? The answer’s no!)

I am not sure if the above photo was taken pre-pissgate or post, but I can’t help feeling that is an evil, knowing look in her eye, a look that says “Goodbye and Good Luck Pissy Pants!”

*INTERESTING FACT- All 3 of the cats I have looked after so far have had 4 letters in their names. Fado, Cudi, Buca. And it’s facts like these that distinguishes this blog from all the other crap you read online…


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