Back To Black

I was saddened to read about the death of Amy Winehouse this morning. It’s tragic to see someone so talented die at such a young age.

One of my first jobs after I moved to London was working on the TV campaign for Amy’s platinum selling album Back To Black. Regardless of the details of her turbulent private life, Amy had a fantastic voice and brought a traditional soul sound into the twentieth century, providing a link to some of the great artists of old.

She was the same age as me, 27, and it’s a shame she couldn’t build on the success of Back To Black in the intervening four years since it was released. Perhaps a wave of unreleased material will now be revealed in the wake of her death, but regardless of that she deserves respect. In Back To Black, and specifically the title track off that album, she managed to create a very significant work of art that we can remember her by, and we should all take inspiration from that. Talent is there to be shared, so be sure to share it with the world…


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