George Duke

The other night a middle-aged man came up to us asking for some money. He said he had been kicked out of his house by his lady and had nowhere to go. Regardless off the truth of this account, he had such a smooth voice and reassuring presence that I happily reached into my pocket.

His great voice lead us to ask if he was a singer.  Yes he was he said. He offered to demonstrate. But our white guilt kicked in and we politely declined. However, as the man left, he offered us some musical knowledge. He said one of the greatest artists of all time in his eyes was a man called George Duke. Remember the name, he said. I made a note in my phone (the 21st century’s moleskine) certain I would otherwise forget.

Today I looked up Mr. Duke. The above image alone was enough to warm me to him. I was interested to read that he is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of funk. His first song I played was “I Love You More”, and I was surprised to hear the sample from Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” in the introduction. But I probably shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, all things are connected.

So, allow me to pass on the man’s recommendation, and extend the chain towards you…


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