Welcome To Dig A Pony

Portland bar Dig A Pony opens today. It’s the creation of 3 of my friends, Page, Aaron and Jake. They’ve worked themselves into the ground over the past year or so reaching this point, and it’s been great to be here in town to help them over the final hurdle.

The bar is full of things that I love. It looks like a modern version of a 1920s establishment. The walls are lined with old books. People I love work there. It’s going to have a darts board. DJs will be playing soulful, uplifting records most nights of the week. Good food. A huge bar. I think it’s going to be a special place to be.

I even bought them a Shove Ha’Penny board in tribute to old English pub past times. I had their name lazer cut into the surface at ADX

Lazer vs. Shove Ha'Penny Board

I see myself spending many an evening there, propped up at the bar, dressed in tweed, like a more literate Norm from Cheers…

The years at Dig A Pony had not been kind to Greg

Today they’re having an Opening Party. I think it’s going to be some night. Let the good times roll!


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