I Blog, Therefore I Am

Not blogging much this month. I’ve been pretty busy with lots of projects. I usually find there’s a direct correlation between my blogging and productivity. The busier I am, the less I blog. The less I do, the more I blog. Sometimes I wonder why I blog at all. And then I remember –  It’s to get attention and show off.

In that vein, here’s a list of my current projects that are preventing me from writing much on here:

  • FIRED! – A short film that I wrote and directed. Editing right now. Hoping to screen it sometime next month in London. Keep up to date on Facebook.
  • ELIZABETH – My next short film. It’s a comedy set in a Tattoo Parlour. I’ve just finished the script and planning to film this in November.
  • MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS – A Sitcom I am developing with Matthew Adam. Filming some clips next month and writing the pilot script. I hope to get this on TV next year.
  • 4 FEATURE FILM SCRIPTS – I’m currently writing 4 feature films. 2 of them are about Bigfoot. I am hoping that of the 4, 1 of them will be ok enough to actually go into production.
  • THE BIG SMOKEY – I have started a series of comical short stories about a amateur private investigator who works in Starbucks. I will be posting up a link to some of these soon.
  • LOMOGRAPHY LONDON CITY GUIDE – We are just putting the final stages to this book which I edited. I hope you will see it on shelves in a month or so.

So… lots to do. Maybe you can get excited about some of these projects and then force me to work harder on them? Or you could tell me they sound rubbish in the hope that I give them up and return to blogging more regularly.

Can't Blog. Too Busy.


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