Randall Garcia

Usually I don’t like to talk about other people on here. If someone else has done something creative I don’t want people knowing about it, because it might make me look less creative. The internet isn’t for helping people. It’s for showing off. But, in the case of Randall Garcia, because he has given me many lifts in his car, I’ll make an exception.

Randall is a very talented photographer. If you don’t believe me you should check out his site. This Friday (7th) he’s having the first ever showing of his work, at Union/Pine in Portland. It will feature some of his best works, displayed in a new way, with black and white mirror images of his photographs displayed alongside them, in order to highlight the shapes and spaces that motivate his compositions. If all of that sounds confusing, it really isn’t. You can see what I mean below.

If you’re in Portland, check out his show. And if your not, maybe just take some time to enjoy his website and tell him what you think.

Dig A Pony

Monique Reina


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