Flowers (2011)

About 3 years ago I wrote a script called “Flowers”. It was the first time I’d written anything properly, and I wrote it for a friend Jon Grafton who wanted to direct a romantic comedy set in London. You might ask what I knew about romance. And I might answer “very little”. Which is why the story is about a guy who can’t get a girlfriend. And before you decide it’s autobiographical, it’s not. The main character is called Rob. Which is a totally different name to mine.

Anyway about 18 months ago Jon shot it. And around 2 weeks ago I finally saw the finished film. That’s a long time in post! It was strange to see something I’d written so long ago. Lots of things in it work really well, but I feel like I’ve come a long way since I wrote it.

It’s currently in consideration at some festivals so I can’t share it with you yet, but there’s a clip up on IMDb for anyone who’s interested…


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