Fired! Unveiled To The World

Fired! Exclusive Screening

Finally, after 6 months in post-production (3 of which being while I was swanning around the States) my short film “Fired!” is almost ready to be unveiled to the world. We’re doing exclusive screening for cast, crew, investors and our fans on 13th December at the Hilton Courthouse. Theres a few seats left, so get i touch with if you’d like to reserve them for the reasonable rice of £7.50 each.

I say the film’s “almost ready” because at present the sound is still unmixed, the picture ungraded and the score is not complete. It’s a little bit scary, but you need a bit of that nervous energy to get everything in place in time. After the Mr. Mzuza the screening when I rushed back from Brighton on the day with the film on a Hard Drive, I vowed to always be better prepared in future. But of course I’ll be sweating and fumbling in the projection booth before this one as well. But all the best filmmakers do that. I remember when Avatar screened at my local Odeon. I looked round and there was Cameron (James, not David) in the projection room shaking his head trying to work out if it was a PAL or NTSC DVD player.

Anyway I’m excited to show this to the world. It’s a result of lots of hard work form lots of different people, and it’s a magical moment when you can finally sit down with an audience and watch their reactions. Hopefully there may even be a few laughs.


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