My First Ever Stand-Up Appearance


Would You Laugh At This Man?

I’ve decided to try some Stand-up Comedy tonight at an Open Mic night in Aylesbury. I’ve presented Open Mic nights before for Lomography and at University, but this will be my first attempt at proper stand-up in front of strangers. It’s my home crowd so perhaps they will look warmly on me. Also, my Mum and Dad will be in the audience, so if I have any hecklers I’ll just get my Dad on them. My set will incorporate a subtle blend of self-analysis, cultural commentary and dick jokes. I’m going to write my set ideas on my hand and then subtly look at the time every minute or so.

My impusle is just to turn up with a load of ideas but I’ve been told that practise makes all the difference. So I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon talking in front of a mirror. Just another average Saturday then.

If anyone is reading this and in the Aylesbury area (unlikely), the Open Mic will be at the Queens Park Arts Centre and starts at 8.


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