I Came, I Saw, I Stood Up

We've All Seen Brokeback Mountain...Haven't We?

I faced my fears and got up in front of a group of strangers last night and tried to make them laugh.

No, I wasn’t exposing myself on the Underground. I haven’t done that for months. I actually did a 15 minute comedy set as part of an open mic night. It was mainly musical acts so it was a interesting to come on straight after a rendition of Mumford & Sons “White Blank Page” and try to get laughs. I always say if you can get a laugh after Mumford & Sons, you can get a laugh anywhere.

I actually got a few laughs I think. My set was mainly local observations about Aylesbury – the new Waterside Theatre, the Canal, the Christmas pantomime. I think the highlight of a joke not working was when, in reference to the men pretending to fish down Aylesbury canal,  I said “Who are they trying to kid? Come on, we’ve all seen Brokeback Mountain guys (SILENCE)… Haven’t we?”  which was met by still more stoney silence by the largely middle-aged, conservative crowd.

The compere was very complimentary afterwards, which was nice. I think I could have taken a bit more time, and put in a few more gags. Perhaps ad-libbed a bit more. But considering I wrote and prepared the material in a day, it wasn’t a bad first outing. Maybe if I actually worked at it, I might be alright.

To quote the great Bob Monkhouse, “They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian. Well they’re not laughing now.”


One thought on “I Came, I Saw, I Stood Up

  1. Nice one mate. There’s always the odd butt clenching silence (pun intended) in a set. Sounds like you got more laughs than clenches though. 15 minutes is a marathon for your first outing, so well done.

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