Massive Sell Out

I believe it was Banksy who once said, “I plead not guilty to the charges of selling out. But I plead it from a much bigger house.”

What a cad! Well I actually plead GUILTY to any charges of selling out, and I plead it from a much smaller house (my parents). No, I’m not going to Hollywood to make Sex and The Chipmunks 5. We’ve just sold all the tickets for our Fired! short film screening in a week’s time. If you can call giving away most of the tickets to cast and crew, and selling what’s left over, selling out. Then we’ve done it. Massively.

So that means there’ll be 94 bums on seats, and a few kids on laps, to see my short film Fired! in all it’s glory. If you missed out on your chance to see it… gutted! But we’ll be taking it round festivals in the new year, and possibly having a 24 hour period where you can watch it online. Here’s the teaser which you may or may not have seen already…



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