If You Read This Then Your Christmas Will Be Merrier

Just wanted to wish everyone who reads this blog a Merry Christmas! For anyone who doesn’t read my blog I really couldn’t care whether your Christmas is merry or not… And… I know you’re not actually reading this. But the malicious sentiment is there anyway, hovering in cybersphere.

No, really I can’t blame the people who don’t read my self-obsessed musings. I don’t even read them. Which is why there’s so much bad writing and shit.

But it really does mean a lot if you do check out this page and follow my creative endeavours. And I hope that I have rewarded you over the past year with vague flickers of interest or even a few smiles. I’ll be posting my Review of 2011 soon, but it really has been a challenging and rewarding year. I hope 2012 brings more of the same, and that you all are working towards achieving some of the things you’d like to do. The world’s gonna end so we may as well throw caution to the wind!

In the festive spirit, here’s an old Christmas photo of me doing what I do best… Looking like a douche. Glad tidings chums!

Directing You All To Have A Merry Christmas!

NB – You might note the rather fetching blue bracelet on my wrist, which is a collection of Native American beads which ward off evil spirits. That broke this year so…



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