Mr. Invisible

Mr. Invisible - Coming Soon

Happy New Year friends! My next short film, Mr. Invisible, begins shooting next Thursday. I’m feeling pretty excited about it as it’s definitely the most ambitious thing I’ve worked on. It’s the story of a lonely old man who lives with his cat, but who still manages to occupy himself.

We have a fantastic cast, lead by Julian Glover (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, For Your Eyes Only). If he sounds familiar, he’s the guy who gets his hands on the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones! The cast also includes everyone’s favourite Iranian stand-up Omid Djalili and some familiar faces from my previous shorts.

Although Big Bright Lights is co-producing, I haven’t written this one (which probably means it will be a better script) so I’m able to focus just on the directing. I am lucky enough to be supported by a quite unbelievable crew, put together by the producer Kieran O’Brien. My 1st Assistant Director is Toby Hefferman who just finished working on World War Z (starring Brad Pitt), and has been AD to Tim Burton; The Cinematographer is Olly Loncraine who worked on the King’s Speech and Children of Men; Our Costume Designer, Julian Day, is currently working with Ron Howard on his new film Rush; The Sound Recordist, Mitch Lowe, did the sound on most of the Harry Potter films… And then there’s me as Director…

You might ask what I’m doing int he mix. But I’m excited to be able to work on something surrounded by so much experience. And the best part is we’re filming half the film in my hometown, so I’m able to finally bring Hollywood to Aylesbury.

There’s still opportunities to invest in Mr. Invisible, and come on board as an Associate Producer, so if you’d like more information write to our Executive Producer Matthew Adam (

Julian Glover - Directed by Spielberg, Lucas and Ash


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