That’s A Wrap!

We finished filming Mr. Invisible last night. It was a relentless 4 day shoot so I’m feeling a bit like I’ve just come back from a weekend away with Charlie Sheen, but it was also a really rewarding weekend. We had a ridiculously gruelling schedule so I didn’t have much time to step back and enjoy the process very often, but there were a few moments where I looked around and pinched myself. The crew were fantastic, and of course Mr. Glover is incredible and so consistent. When you’re surrounded by talented people, good things happen. And I think we’ve created a really special film.

We filmed a scene with Omid Djalili in an Aylesbury’s Tilbury’s Butchers and half the town and the local papers arrived to see what we were up to. I was like “I’m really not that interested in giving an interview”. Then 2 minutes later I was giving an interview. I think I gave Julian some good direction at times, which was nice, and there was a particular moment when he asked me to act something out for him, which was quite special. And the final day when we filmed the big set piece in Bedford Square with 20 actors, police, and a car was pretty damn exciting.

Now I just want to edit it. I think the plan is to finish it in time for the Cannes Official competition deadline in March. I’ll hopefully be able to share some photos or screenshots in the next few days but need to check with my militant producer Kieran O’Brien first.


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