Locally Papped!

While we were filming my next short film “Mr. Invisible” in Aylesbury last Saturday, our local paper, The Bucks Herald, caught wind of it and sent a reporter and a photographer down to record it all. Obviously being a true artist I was too caught up in the filming to really notice them, but between takes they dragged me over for a little interview.

I usually only read film magazines and culture sections of broadsheets. But yesterday, I happened to be idly flicking through one of the 3 copies of the Bucks Herald that my Mum had happened to buy, and I came across this…

The Bucks Herald

Some nice photos of the stars Julian Glover and Omid Djalili. All you can see of me is just one of my beige mittens poking round from behind the camera. That’s a relief. I like to remain anonymous as possible as I walk through Aylesbury’s market square. Can’t say as much for the mittens. They are now destined for a life in the spotlight and will soon be snapped with their fingers round the waist of some glamour model on holiday in Iceland.

It’s a lovely write up, marred only by a misquote where I refer to Julian Glover as Justin. As far as I know there wasn’t and has never been a Justin associated with this film, and I deny any knowledge of a Justin ever being on set.

The local community of Aylesbury were very supportive of our shoot, and it’s nice that Tilbury’s butchers get this sort of coverage as a small thank you for their generosity. They haven’t had this level of publicty since the hygeine scare of a couple of years back! Joking aside, it’s great when people are supportive of productions like this and it’s nice to know that people who I grew up with might read this and have some idea of what I’m up to (in case they’d missed the barrage of self-promotion on Facebook).

You can read the online version of the Bucks Herald article here.


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