Bigfoot And Other Mysteries

I like following signs. Road signs, signs of life… signs from the universe. I think if we’re open to them, there are clues everywhere that can guide us which direction to go next. Unfortunately, most of the time, we are so caught up in things that we fail to notice. When we do become aware of them we usually just dismiss them as “weird ass shit”.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been mulling over an idea for a feature film comedy about Bigfoot. Well, about 2 guys who travel to America to hoax a Bigfoot sighting.

For a long time the idea of making a feature film has seemed a long way off. While I was filming my short “Mr. Invisible” just over a week ago though, and surrounded by all these talented and enthusiastic people, it started to feel a lot closer. In the week leading up to it I had even had a breakthrough with the plot that I think would make it a much stronger concept.

On the third day of the short, we were filming a scene at Aylesbury library. The clock was ticking. We were up against it. But between takes, I happened to glance over at a bookshelf, and the one book I noticed out of all the books in that library was this one…

The Truth Is Out There

I excitedly took it over to Matt, my Producer. And he pointed to the author’s name that had been partially obscured by the library sticker…

Maybe it’s just coincidence. But I prefer to treat this as a pretty clear sign that the Bigfoot film should happen. I guess what you think depends on your world view. If nothing else though, being open to signs like this makes things more exciting.

So be clear of what you want to do, ask the universe for it, and be open to what it throws up in your path.

And pay attention to road signs. They’ll probably save your life.


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