Skateboards and Spandex

A couple of weeks ago I met a fellow writer/director, and real good egg, Mustapha Kseibati, at a LOCO comedy event. It turned out we have a lot in common. We both love comedy, we both enjoy long walks off short piers, and we both share an unhealthy obsession with Tom Cruise. Effectively we’re cut from the same cloth. The only down side is I can’t pronounce his name. So most of the time I just call him “man”.

Man is very talented, and has already made some big waves in the UK with his short films. His short from last year, “Skateboards and Spandex”, which is much better than anything I’ve ever done, is now free to view online. You should watch it below to be entertained and inspired. We’re working together on some exciting projects and I have no doubt that you will be seeing this man’s work on the big screen real soon… hopefully with me in it. Big Tingz. Believe.


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