Jordan Domont

David Lynch by Jordan Domont

I’d like to introduce you to a good friend and extremely talented Portland artist called Jordan Domont. I bought his painting of David Lynch (above) to decorate my room here in Portland. But don’t worry, you don’t have to come to bedroom to witness his creativity, you can just visit his site here.

Jordan also does storyboard and conceptual art for films.He drew some fantastic portraits of the main characters in Fired! for me and hopefully is going to help me develop the Bigfoot movie. I love working with talented people. I once drew a picture of Mulder from the X Files when I was 12, but I think that was the peak of my sketching skills.

Anyway I hope you take some time to admire Jordan’s work. Some of his paintings are for sale so if you’re interested email him at Get them now before he’s famous! Here’s a selection of the excellent portraits he did for Fired!…

Jay - Fired!

Harry (Fired!)

Charles (Fired!)


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