Dumb and Dumber Polaroids

Dumb and Dumber is probably my favourite film ever. It’s certainly my favourite comedy. I’ve seen it around 100 times. Some people dismiss it as just toilet humour. But I think it is an expertly crafted film, with Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels giving two of the best comedy performances ever in the lead roles. It also has some of the finest toilet humour to grace the silver screen.

Although the characters are dumb, everything they do in that film is believable. And that takes enormous skill to get right. I hope one day to do the same.

Today I discovered some polaroids taken on the Dumb and Dumber set. They are from the scene at Dante’s Inferno where Lloyd and Harry inadvertently kill Joe “the Gasman” Mentalino.

I found them on the website of Michael Raso, who bought them in a ebay auction. When you’ve seen a film this many times, and it’s burned an image on your consciousness, it’s easy to forget that people were present at the filming. This discovery made me very excited. I’d like to share them with you…

"This'll be a lot easier if you just lay back!" © Michael Raso


"How's your burger?" © Michael Raso


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