World Peace

I’ve been making this sign a lot recently…

World Peace Sign © The World


It’s a “W” made of two peace signs. I’m not sure if I invented it. Lots of Asian people have been posing in a similar fashion for years. Either way, I hope that it might spread. Both the sign and the peace.

Asking for World Peace is pretty unfashionable these days and we’re told that anyone who desires it is either a fool or a madman. Just look at Jason Russell, the spokesman for Invisible Children, who was found wandering the streets naked the other day.

“You see, people who want to make things better, ARE mental!”

But I don’t think they are. I think it’s the people who cling to fear or cynicism who are the crazy ones.

I don’t claim to know much about politics or international relations. But I do hope that one day conflicts and anger and fear will dissipate. I think that we can all do little things each day to spread positivity and love through the world.

I believe the secret to World Peace is self-awareness… and doing this sign. I also hope I never wander the streets naked. No one wants to see that.


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