When Greg Met Adrian

"Hey Adrian. Which way's Hollywood?" "Not sure... just keep smiling:"

New flat top beer, Churchkey had their launch party at Dig A Pony, Portland last week. Not only did I get to be one of the first hipsters in the world to sample “the most hipster beer in the world”, I also got to meet Mr. Adrian Grenier, who is one of the partners in Churchkey.

There was definitely a hint of fear in his eyes when I first accosted him, but when he realised I was more of a harmless psycho, as opposed to the axe-wielding type, he seemed to loosen up. I told him about Bigfoot and also my idea for the shit British (Shitish) version of Entourage, which he sounded excited about appearing in. Then I asked if he was going to Cannes.

“Oh… But I would need a place to stay” he said.

“You could stay with us” I said. “We have a spare bunk bed”

“Hmm… It’s just that you grow accustomed to a certain lifestyle” he said.

“Come on! You telling me, you don’t secretly want to sleep in a top bunk?”

“But how do you get chicks in a bunk bed?” he laughed.

“No I’m in a double bed. You’re in the bunk bed…”

And that was the story of how I invited Vince Chase to be in my Entourage. I’m expecting the restraining order through the mail soon.


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