LA Comedy Festival

Vin & I Amusing Only Ourselves at the LA Comedy Festival

I just got back from LA, where my short film Fired! was screening as part of the LA Comedy Festival. It was exciting to have my work shown in a proper cinema just a stone’s throw from Hollywood Boulevard. The reaction was good, and afterwards I took part in a Q&A in front of the audience. I wore a bow tie. There was another British director there. But he didn’t have a bow tie.

I was accompanied by my actor friend Vin Shambry, and we had a lot of fun spreading the word about Super Chill, exploring the city, meeting inspiring people, and even doing some late night impromptu musical performances which I’ll tell you about soon. I also got to reunite with my old buddy Ryan Turner (who directed Smile), and it was great to see each other and start talking about future projects again.

The weekend wasn’t all smooth sailing though. When they first went to show Fired! on sunday, the disc wouldn’t play. “Cannot play” flashed on screen, the entire audience gasped, a spotlight came down on the crowd, the festival director shouted out if I was there, I shouted back, they started playing a different film, I shouted again and then ran up to the projection room. Complete Hollywood slapstick!

After 5 minutes of trying we realised they’d have to show it the next day. I was a little down and on edge as I walked out of the cinema. But, as I glanced at a wall, I saw a huge mural of my idol and I remembered that usually things happen for a reason.

Charlie was probably looking down on us and laughing… Although in this particular photo, he’s actually crying!

Charlie & Me (The much anticipated sequel to Marley & Me)

LA Comedy Festival was the first festival we submitted Fired! to, so I’m hoping we’ll get in to a number of others in the forthcoming year.


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