When Things Come Together

Greg and Aaron in Uruguay (2008)

I recently premiered my short film “Fired!’ in Portland. I chose to show it at Dig A Pony, the bar that I helped open last Summer. It’s been a very successful enterprise, and it’s been exciting watching it grow in popularity over the 9 months it’s been open. Credit to the  three owners Jake Carey, Page Finlay and Aaron Hall for making it so great.

I met Aaron in Uruguay in late 2008. It was a special time. We were surrounded by stunning beaches, free from concerns, Obama had just been elected, and there was a feeling of hope and mystery surrounding our trip. When you’re travel, you are often in search for something or somewhere new. I didn’t realise, until I met Aaron his girlfriend Emily, that the place I was looking for was Portland.

We talked a lot about our plans for the future on those beaches. I wanted to be part of a group of inspiring creative people who could help each other achieve their goals. Right Club was formulated on those beaches. Aaron spoke about wanting to set up a bar that would become a meeting place and a place to make great things happen. Three years later, with the opening of Dig A Pony, he achieved it.

It wasn’t until I saw this photo, taken on the night my film screened, that I truly realised how things had come together. I was able to reflect on how far we’d come and how lucky I am that Aaron and Emily were sat in my seats on a small bus in Uruguay.

Fired! premieres at Dig A Pony (Photo by Tommie Fox)

Travel when you can and be open to everything and everyone you meet, for the seeds of opportunity lie in every new experience.


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