Paint The Night

When I was down in LA last week, I got to know a group of aspiring actors and musician who kindly lets us stay at their place. One of them, in particular, Saha Feldman, was a very talented freestyle rapper.

On our final night in the city, at around 3 in the morning we took to the streets outside the LACMA (LA’s modern art museum) and found a piano propped against a wall. As we eyed it up, a security guard walked out. We thought he was going to send us away, but instead he asked if we wanted to play, and opened up the piano for us.

We then spent the next few hours making music and drama on the streets. It was a joyful thing to see this all unfold. All I had to do was point the camera. Here’s a version of Yann Tiersen’s “Comptine d’un autre ete l’apres midi” we recorded…

We called this the Night Of Solid Glass and hope it’s the first of many late night sessions. I hope that watching it might inspire you to do some of your own spontaneous works of creativity. I set up a website to encourage you to do so.


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