Yes We Cannes

Greg is dismayed to find out my ticket for We Need To Talk About Kevin offers a slightly restricted view.

So my 28th birthday passed, which if you believe the wikipedia article, means I’m no longer a true artistic genius. Instead of being revered for dying too early and leaving a small but lasting impact on the world (Le Chat), I’m fated instead to live a long and fulfilling life. But I’m ok with that. There’s lots more work to be done.

Which is why I’m going to Cannes Film Festival tomorrow. Well, one of the reasons. At Cannes, the boundaries of work and play blend quite seamlessly. So while at times I’ll be talking up my projects and trying to appear professional with my top button done up, at others I’ll be chasing celebrities with my button undone, drinking free alcohol and trying to encourage my hair to turn from bordering on ginger to sunkissed blonde.

I’m venturing across to La Croisette with my spindly-fingered Big Bright Lights partner Matt, who will be hopefully showing off a new range of colourful cufflinks and ties in his attempts to be “quirky”.

Matt calls his UK “Clinic” for advice

Whilst Greg plays it safe…

We have a number of things to talk about at this year’s festival. Firstly my short ‘Fired!’ which we’ll be showing to distributors in the hope of securing a distribution deal, in the same way that we did last year with ‘Mr. Mzuza’. Then ‘Super Chill’ the new online series I filmed in Portland, the first episode of which got into the Short Film Corner. I’ll also be looking to speak to investors about my Bigfoot feature film with the aim of securign financing by next Summer. I’m also happy to be representing a fantastic documentary on the Carter Family and Johnny Cash by Beth Harrington, called ‘The Winding Stream’, which is also looking for investment.

So there’s lots to do and lots of people to talk to. But most of it will probably done with alcohol in close proximity. I mean if you’re trying to convince someone to give you a million dollars, you’ve got to get them a little drunk first. Then you grab the million and get out of Cannes as soon as possible, preferably on a moped, stopping only for a kebab on the drive out…

The End


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