The Winding Stream

Beth Harrington is an Grammy-nominated independent filmmaker I met during my last spell in Portland. Her latest documentary film ‘The Winding Stream’ is about the Carter Family and the Cashes, and how they left a lasting legacy on country music.

It wasn’t till I watched a rough cut that I realised what a great story it was. Amongst other rare footage, Beth also has the last ever recorded interview with the legendary Johnny Cash. But, despite having the support of the families, the nature of Independent filmmaking means Beth has so far funded the majority of the film herself. In order to complete though, she needs some financial help.

So I told Beth I’d help spread the word. Check out The Winding Stream’s Kickstarter page, and watch the video which tells you more about this inspiring film. They’re offering some pretty amazing rewards in return for your support, so perhaps you’d like to play a part in the production of this great story.


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