AshLog #1 – The Bigfoot Search Continues

I’ve decided to write weekly updates on my blog so that it gives you, my one loyal fan, a more insightful view of my life as a successful/struggling writer/director/actor. These days, with our lives having to be summed up in ever diminishing characters, it will hopefully offer something of substance to those who seek to delve beneath the surface. And for those who don’t seek this, it may also include some references to celebrities and a fair smattering of dick jokes.

I am now back in Portland for the Summer and back on the trail of Bigfoot. For those who don’t know, I’m currently working on a feature comedy about two Brits who come out to Oregon in search of Bigfoot. As this state, and neighbouring Washington, have more sightings than anywhere else in the US it makes sense to be out here.

The aim is to write the first draft of the script and a 10 page treatment while I’m here. In my attempts to educate myself I’m reading actual books, and meeting with actual local experts including my friend Guy Edwards who runs a website Bigfoot Lunch Club. He brought a mould of Bigfoot print to our first meeting. I like a man who brings a plaster cast to a first meeting so we hit it off…

1982 Heryford Cast (found April 22nd Grays Harbour, OR)

This is seen as one of the most reputable prints out there. You’ll note the characteristic mushrooming of the toes where pressure has been applied, the cracks in the mud, and of course the unmistakeable double bump on the outside of the foot. Guy describes himself as a ‘Bigfoot hopeful’ which is another way of saying “I want to believe, but I’m not mental”. I guess I’m a ‘Bigfoot hopeful’ too. But maybe, after some trips into the wilderness, I’ll believe, The search continues…

Because I only just left a month ago, getting back into the US this time was a challenge. I was sent for an interview in the back room. Thats the room behind the two-way mirror that you occasionally hear screams coming from the other side of. According to the US Embassy, I am perfectly legally allowed to be in the country. But unfortunately the ease with which you can re-enter comes down to the mood of the person interviewing you, and whether their wives put the right filling in their sandwiches that day.

And so it was that I found myself explaining the intricacies of my Bigfoot film, which is supposed to be a comedy, to an stern immigration officer. This guy had obviously had marmite on rye bread or something, because he wasn’t warming up at all. At one point a more friendly-looking officer popped his head in at one point and asked “Bigfoot?” I explained the rough concept. He laughed. He got it. Then he looked at the stern official opposite, his smile faded, and he left the room. Why couldn’t I have that guy? After an hour, I was allowed into the promised land.

I watched this film last week, which I think everyone should watch at least once…

I’ll also be working on the edit of my web series ‘Super Chill’, which we filmed 6 episodes for last time I was in Portland. It’s a show about two outsiders trying to fit into Portland. The trailer will be released this week and we plan to release the series online, one episode per week, in mid-August. You can keep up to date here.

Super Chill – Coming Soon

Ok that’s it! Have a great week and be sure and put some goodness out into the world.


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