AshLog #2 – Making Things Right

A couple of  years ago I had a dream on the beaches of Uruguay. I had just been swimming in the sea in my underwear, which I guess made it a wet, or at least slightly damp dream.

Perhaps it was the sun, perhaps the paradisiacal surroundings, or perhaps it was the company, but I suddenly realised that the thing that I wanted, more than to write, or make films, or make laugh, was to be part of a community of people who helped each other achieve their creative goals. The problem of being an artist is that it’s a lonely profession. And many people lack the self-motivation or the means to pursue their passions fully. Being surrounded by people who can help you out is priceless.

Of course, creative collectives exist. Collaboration is happening all over the world, every day, even in France. But for a lot of people that kind of environment is hard to find, and hard to structure.

So, why not have a group of people who met regularly with the sole aim of helping each other achieve their creative goals?  The potential for what could happen in that environment could be endless. We could literally make people’s dreams come true. Dry ones, wet ones, any level of damp! The thought filled me with a unusual warm feeling I believed some call ‘happiness’.

I realised that rather than hope to discover what I was describing, I would need to create it. And thus Right Club was conceived.

Like a lot of idealistic babies conceived in paradise, the pregnancy phase has been a long one. I got home from my travels and got caught up in film projects and other endeavours. However, with my Summer in Portland under way, I’m now ready to go into labour and give birth. My waters have broken and… Ok that metaphors gone far enough.

Right Club will start simply, with just a group of people meeting every week to talk about what they’re doing and, more importantly, what they’re not doing. Kind of like an alcoholic anonymous meeting for people who aren’t doing what they want to do. The idea is that as Right Club progresses, we’ll be able to put on shows and exhibitions to celebrate people’s work and focus on community projects. Who knows what will happen!

If you’d like to be a part of it please get in touch via our new facebook page.

To raise the profile of the group and kick this thing into action, I’ve organised the first “Right Club presents” night this Tuesday, featuring two exciting bands from Portland ‘Thanks’ and ‘Modern Lives’. Having seen my friend in Thanks come together to make the band happen, it seemed like a great thing to have them play the first night. The show will also take place at ADX, which is where I was based last Summer, and which also embodies a lot of the ideas I want Right Club to be about.

Here’s the details if you’d like to come down. Click the flyer to get to the facebook event…

Right Club presents Thanks & Modern Lives – 3 July @ ADX


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