Being ‘Super Chill’

Super Chill Episode 1 has some serious LOLs!

I thought I’d tell you a bit more this week about my new web series ‘Super Chill’ I’ve been working on out here in Portland. It follows the adventures of two very different friends, Greg and Vin, on a mission to make the world a better place. If those names sound familiar, it’s because they’re based on my name and my friend Vin Shambry’s. I directed and acted in the series alongside Vin, and we play comic, and a little bit more innocent, versions of ourselves.

For a while we tried to think of other names we could be called. Vin suggested ‘Mario’. But after a while we decided to just give them the same names as us. They say the hardest character to play is yourself. But it wasn’t so bad. I’ve been playing/playing with myself for years.

Here’s the Teaser…

We shot 6 episodes (Season 1) back in April and May this year, and are now in the process of editing them together. Because a lot of the series was improvised, it’s exciting to see how it’s fitting together. But it’s also strange. I’m find myself staring at the my face asking “Who is Greg?” But I’ve also being doing this for years. Hashtag Existential Crisis.

In Episode 4 Vin teaches Greg how to dance inside his box.

We’ve now edited 3 episodes and I think you’re gonna like it. It’s playful, at times heartfelt and at other times ridiculous. Vin and I’s dynamic results in lots of funny moments, and I’m hoping we can build a firm audience for it. We’re planning to release the first episode in August and then have one a week after that. I’m aiming high. I’d like 100,000 views for each episode… at least. And that’s where YOU come in!

There’s so many videos of cats and babies online these days that, in order for ‘Super Chill’ to stand out, we need people to spread the word. Viral style. So tell your friends, post the videos, share the facebook page, and just slip the words ‘Super Chill’ into random sentences. Example: “Hi. What ‘Super Chill’ appears to be the ‘Super Chill’ problem, officer?”

Do me a huge favour right now and post something in your facebook about the show. It can be a photo, the teaser link or just a link to this blog. But lets spread  Super Chill vibes across the nation. You won’t regret it, because in years to come when we’re releasing the Feature Film in 5D, you can tell people “I was there first”. Thanks friends!

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