Ode To A Curved Bar

To celebrate Dig A Pony‘s 1st Birthday, Pino Portland ran a competition to write a poem inspired by Horse Shoe or “U” shaped bars. I put pen to paper, or fingers to computer, entered and won the competition. Perhaps I had an unfair advantage. With the time I spend in the bar, I have effectively been researching the poem for the last year. Anyway, I won an awesome bow tie, which I will be wearing just as soon as I learn how to tie it.

Here’s my winning entry…

The best shaped bar, bar none, he said,
Is the one with curvy sides. 
For all those angular, squared-off things
I really do despise.
They encourage only introspection,
Mirror glances; A vain erection!
Find me instead 
at that horse’s shoe
With a smile that says softly,
“It’s not me… it’s ‘U’”

You see what I did there? I enjoyed writing it. Maybe I’ll create some more poems soon.

Pino Portland are running a great event next week called “Portland Undressed” with a special speaker Elizabeth Cline. Today’s the last chance to buy tickets. Here’s more details on facebook.


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