Super Chill – Episode 3

The 3rd Episode of Super Chill was released yesterday, which means we’re now half way the first season. Don’t forget if you’ve missed any of them you can see them all at

This week’s episode is a particular favourite of mine. It was almost completely improvised, with Vin and I just walking around a thrift store and picking out objects and riffing on them. At one point I do a freestyle rap inspired by a Fisher Price tape deck. It was really hard to edit this one as there was a lot of great material. Hopefully we can release some of the other bits as bonus content.

The responses about the show so far have been really good. There was one guy who posted a Vimeo comment saying he found Episode 2 really boring because nothing happened. Obviously he’s not a fan of Samuel Beckett. I had the last laugh though by deleting his comment, and making it look like nothing had happened. I really don’t mind criticism, as long as it’s constructive, and I’m well aware that what we’re doing won’t be for everyone. On the whole Super Chill is dry humour, and its improvised nature of it means its more about character than plot. I’m inspired by directors like Richard Linklater, Jim Jarmusch and Woody Allen, who manage to make something significant and meaningful out of every day conversation, and hopefully we manage to touch upon that in our show.

But of course, it’s good to know that people are enjoying it. That’s why we made the show! So people can have a laugh. And it’s also heartening to hear about people developing their own personal relationships with the show. One school in Tucuman, Argentina have even been using our episodes to teach their students English. That’s really great to hear! I’m hoping that the people who do enjoy it tell their friends and the popularity continues to grow. We’re a long way off “Gangnam Style” in terms on viewing figures, which makes me wish we hadn’t cut out that scene of the chubby Asian guy dancing from Episode 2!

Please tell us what you think of the show on facebook and share it with your friends if you enjoy it!


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