Super Chill – Episode 4 “The Box”

Episode 4 of Super Chill is now screening on Vimeo. This week, Greg and Vin discuss the importance of girls being clean, and then Vin teaches Greg how to dance “inside his box”. But their lesson is cut short by the appearance of an unexpected visitor. The seeds of this episode came from Vin complaining to me how a lot of people when they’re dancing are totally unaware of other dancers. He’s therefore developed his theory of the Box over many years of dance floor frustration. I really feel if we all followed his advice, the world would be a better place.

The Cop is played brilliantly by local Portland actor Jake Street. Vin introduced us one day and I instantly thought he’ would make a great police officer. As we shot most of Super Chill without a script, I can’t take any credit for his lines. He just turned up on set with this idea for a monologue about the Boston Tea Party, which we loved. It’s refreshing to approach a project without too many fixed ideas, as it always leads to some great unplanned moments. I hope that Jake The Cop will appear again in lots of future Super Chill episodes. Hopefully every time with slightly different facial hair.

If you like the show, please help spread the word by sharing it on Facebook. We hope to release the episodes again on Youtube later in the year, but there’s no substitute for word of mouth. Just ask Jimmy Savile.


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