When Greg Met Jimmy Savile

“Just Smile & Pretend Everything’s Normal” – My Dad says to Jimmy Savile (1987)

I unearthed this little gem a few months back. It was back in 1987 when my Dad was running in the Aylesbury half-marathon (Time TBC). Jimmy was also running and he stopped to give me a penny that he’d found on the floor. Generous! In hindsight and with recent events in mind, the photo does have a slightly sinister appearance. My Dad seems to have been interrupted in the middle of some kind of illicit handover, with the 4 gear getaway car poised behind.

It’s pretty sad hearing the recent news about Mr. Savile’s sexploits. I genuinely thought he was one of the good guys – a man who did a lot of charity work and turned up at the local Stoke Mandeville Hospital unannounced to cheer up the patients. Looking back though it seems obvious that he might not have been quite right. If a stranger turned up like that at your Hospital, you’d probably keep him away from the children’s ward. For me, alarm bells are ringing with any man who wears that much jewellery.

Perhaps the most tragic thing about Savilegate is that it threatens to ruin shell suits for everyone forever. I honestly hope that’s not the case.



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