Life’s A Foreshore

“Nessie Likes Solitude” – Life’s A Foreshore (2010)

Before “Super Chill” there was “Life’s A Foreshore”, a short film I made back in 2010 for the The Smalls Cutty Sark Whisky Competition. The company asked filmmakers to make a short film based on the history of Cutty Sark. We discovered that the Whisky company offered a reward back in the 70s for anyone who could find the Loch Ness Monster! I also had a sitcom idea of two Australian lifeguards getting posted in a bleak English location, and when I found out the Thames had a beach (technically a foreshore) I decided to combine the Lifeguards and Nessie idea into a short. With the help of my friend Will Bennett, we wrote a script and gathered a team of talented and enthusiastic friends together to make it.

We met on the banks of the Thames on a freezing cold Winter’s morning. Will and I were wearing tiny tennis shorts. We’d picked just about the busiest part of the river to shoot on, right by the Southbank, and, with the tide coming in, our time was limited. The DP Alex had to wade in up to his ankles to shoot the final scene! Although you might think it’s good acting, by the end of the day I think I was slightly losing my mind due to the cold weather, so it was quite easy to act freezing and mental. Method actor so…

It was a great learning experience and a lot of ideas that come up in later films are in there. It was also the first time I got to direct the great James Hillier who would go on to be in my next 3 short films. Amazingly, the film actually won the competition, which was the first time I’d one anything for my filmmaking. I wish someone had told me not to get used to that feeling!

Hope you enjoy!


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