We Like Laughter

Yesterday I announced the launch of ‘We Like Laughter’ a British comedy collective who aim to make you laugh with a series of online character-driven comedy sketches.

The issue I’ve found with short films (at least the ones I’ve made in the last few years) is that they’re a lot of work for quite a limited audience. I think ‘Mr, Mzuza’, ‘Fired!’ and ‘Mr. Invisible’ probably took up around 3-4 months full time work in terms of writing, prepping, shooting and editing. That’s a lot of time considering I don’t get paid for that work. Of course I’ve benefitted in other ways. I’ve learnt a lot in the process, met some great people and ended up with work that I’m very proud of. I’ve even won the odd award and got into some festivals which has been great. In that sense they have been a great proving ground of my supposed talents. But ultimately I make films for people to enjoy them. As many people as possible. Especially comedy.

So at the start of 2013 I decided to produce more short comedy that could go straight online and into the arms of an adoring public. At least in my mind. So I’ve established ‘We Like Laughter’ as a collective banner under which to release a series of 3-5 minute sketches. I’m looking forward to working with friends I’ve met in my career so far and to hopefully in the long run establishing a new gang of British comedy talent.

We are shooting our first sketch in the next few weeks. But until then maybe you could “like” our facebook page and follow us on Twitter. In return we will make you laugh. Deal?


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