Fired! – A Short Comedy – Now Screening

We’ve released my short film ‘Fired!’ online for one weekend only. As the film’s still on the festival circuit and has been acquired by Shorts International for Worldwide distribution we’re not able to have it online indefinitely. But you’ll be able to watch it for the next two days with the link at the bottom of this page.

A lot of work went into making ‘Fired!’, from the writing the script all the way up to the final edit. Perhaps about 4 or 5 months of solid work spread across a 15 month period. I say this to demonstrate how much time goes into these things as it might perhaps t come as a surprise to a lot of people.

The script goes through about 10 or 15 drafts, then there’s the preparation of putting the crew together, which is done through a mixture of interviews and working with previous contacts, and then there’s the storyboarding and planning stages, working out locations to film in, raising finances. We shot the film across 4 days in South London.

The original poster for Fired! designed by Will Bryant and illustrated by Jordan Domont.

The original poster for Fired! designed by Will Bryant and illustrated by Jordan Domont.

Crazy that it’s almost 2 years ago that that happened. But it’s the editing process, colour grading and music that takes the longest to get right. We’ve been finessing that for a long time before we were finally happy with a final cut.

Of course, there’s lots of other people who worked very hard on ‘Fired!’ including our DP Mark Pengelly, Production Designers Chloe James & Ben Wilson, the Producer Matthew Adam and the rest of our awesome crew. James and Sam Hillier who play father and son in the film, as they are in real life, were both fantastic, and special thanks to Amy Lamont for letting us come into use her house and family for 4 days. I’d also like to specially thank my editor Alex Trotter-Fernandez, composer Leo Kaliski and sound designer Dan Pugsley, all of whom were amazingly flexible and generous with their time, no matter how many times I asked for changes.

And finally to the generous investors who put money to the film. It’s impossible to get stuff like this made without their belief in the project. We hope to be able to pay at least some of their investment back with our sale to Shorts International. If you’d like to invest in my projects in the future, please email

I hope you enjoy  the film. It went down well at the LA Comedy Festival when it played there and got nominated for Best International Short Film.

For the next two days, watch ‘Fired!’ here, using the password ‘cake’ or at


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