Notes From A Secret Underground Bunker

Behind The Scenes at RevoLOLtion HQ

Behind The Scenes at RevoLOLtion HQ

I filmed a new video yesterday as part of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for We Like Laughter. When you’re launching a comedy revolution/revoLOLtion you need an adequate HQ, so I’ve spent the last a few weeks searching for a ‘secret underground bunker’ that seemed appropriate. Places were either not quite secret enough or too expensive. But mainly too expensive.

Apparently the more empty, decrepit and shit a place is, the more people will probably charge you to use it. Even the venue advertised at the domain name ‘’, although genuine and run by a very amiable gentleman, wasn’t quite right for our needs. Eventually my Dad suggested I look at some of the empty buildings at the Industrial Estate where his offices are. Upon investigation, we found it to be perfect. I was overjoyed that the location of my Dad’s work had just the right level of depression and post-apocalyptic charm for our revolutionary purposes.

So yesterday a crew of us descended on it to film the first meeting. The day was long but enjoyable. I look forward to sharing the results with you soon, and raising some money to fund future comedy sketches. Our aims are humble… To put smiles on the faces of every man, woman and child the world over.

There’s going to be lots of opportunities to get involved. You can check out our facebook page here and join the revoLOLtion!


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