Han(d) Solo

I’ve been working on my Bigfoot script recently and navigating the emotional peaks and troughs of being a solitary writer trying to forge something coherent from seemingly disparate pieces of inspiration and images. Whenever I feel at a loss or doubt whether I have what it takes, I remind myself that one man once wrote Star Wars. Yeah, it might be his best ever work and yeah he might have started cutting his own hair out and keeping it in a drawer whilst he worked on it. But to think that George Lucas conceived such an inventive piece of modern myth on his own in a room is inspiring.

Speaking of working alone in a room, whilst watching this essential documentary on the myths at work within Star Wars, I happened to pause it at this moment, and suddenly it became clear why they call him Han(d) Solo…

Han hard at work on his joystick. Don't get cocky kid!

Han hard at work on his joystick. Don’t get cocky kid!


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