Meeting Jiang Wu

'I'm kinda big in China' said Jiang to Greg.

‘I’m kinda big in China’ said Jiang to Greg.

I just got back from Cannes Film Festival. Full run down coming soon. But one of the highlights was getting to hang out with the Chinese actor Jiang Wu. He’s a big star back in China and is the lead in the this year’s Official Selection entry ‘A Touch of Sin’. I therefore felt pretty ignorant not knowing him or his work, and itt made me realise how little exposure we get over here in Britain to Chinese films.

But Jiang didn’t mind. He said he hadn’t heard of me either! We sat talking, drinking and eating plates of chips for a few hours. I even pitched him a British/Chinese comedy which he said he liked the sound of. What a great guy! Maybe we’ll get to work together someday…

I’m going to make an effort to watch some Chinese movies this year. Any tips readily accepted…


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