‘Mr. Invisible’ – The World Premiere

Today’s the day. ‘Mr. Invisible’ premieres in 3 hours at the Palm Springs Shortfest (1.30pm at Camelot 2, Palm Springs). It’s great to be surrounded by so many talented filmmakers, although it also makes you realise how competitive the world of short films is. I’m excited to see how it plays over here. A town surrounded by desert and basking in 100 degree heat is a surreal place for our very British film to premiere. But it’s as good a place as any.

The Shortfest is the biggest short film festival in the world and there seems to be amazing support with the community for the films. It was a packed house for the opening night last night. In true guerilla style I spent most of yesterday getting a last minute run of postcards printed at Staples, then handing them out to people to encourage them to come along. It’s what all the big directors do before their world premieres. George Lucas was stuck in Office Depot looking for tracing paper  an hour before Star Wars premiered. Hashtag bumsinseats.

Here’s what I’ve been handing out…

This production was brought to you by Staples!

This production was brought to you by Staples!

Here’s to a good screening and a warm reception. Spread the word!


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