Bigfoot, Super Chill & The Search For The Elusive Oscar

This Man Should Never Been Allowed In Hollywood

This Man Should Never Been Allowed In Hollywood

They say good news comes in threes… Or at least I thought they did. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard someone say it before. But I’ve been going round quoting it and no one else seems to be familiar with the phrase.

Perhaps I’m thinking of London buses?

Regardless of what they say, I had three bits of good news last week, which I’d love to share with you.

The first was finding out my Bigfoot feature script I’m currently writing has been selected in Round 2 of the Sundance Writer’s Lab. This simultaneously excited and scared me. As readers of the blog will know,the Bigfoot comedy is something I’ve been developing for around 2 years now, researching, working out a story, characters and theme. Perhaps procrastinating slightly. For I’ve been trying to get it perfect in my head before embarking on the script proper. Speaking to other writers though, this is both impossible and pointless, as the thing will undoubtedly take on a life of it’s own as you write the words.

The good news from Sundance then, and the realisation that I had only 2 weeks to deliver them a 1st draft to them was a much needed kick up the arsenal and a call to face my fears and write the damn thing! I’ve spent the last week facing my self-doubt, fear of failure and letting go of my quest for perfection, and been putting words on the page. It’s liberating actually and exciting. I have until midnight on Sunday 1st September to get them approximately 110 pages.

Perhaps it seems reckless or unprofessional to leave it to the last minute. And it probably is. But I really think I needed the deadline. Ever since I was 14 and would stay up all night trying to get an essay done, I’ve always thrived on having to deliver. And regardless of the outcome, I’ll at least be left with a full feature script at the end. I’ve been listening to a lot of Elvis for inspiration.

The second piece of good news involved my US web series Super Chill, which I cut into a TV Pilot and submitted to the New York TV Festival for consideration in their Independent Pilot Competition. I found out last week that it had been accepted! This means we’ll have the chance to show it in New York to a lot of the big TV networks and have the chance to secure development deals for a full TV pilot. It’s exciting that our little production that we made for virtually no money will be shown alongside talent from 30 Rock, Breaking Bad, and Saturday Night Live.

The Festival takes place in mid-October. You might remember we were out there last year in the Samsung Second Screen Storyteller’s Competition. I will let you know how we get on.

And the third piece of good news just came in the form of some very positive feedback about my short film Mr. Invisible. As well as showing it at festivals, we’ve been sharing it privately with certain people, including distributors who specialise in short films. One of them came back and said he thought it potentially might be good enough to be considered for the short film Oscar!

It was very flattering and of course that would require us to do well at festivals over the coming year. Nevertheless it still made me smile and remember my idealistic 5 year plan to win an Oscar by the time I was 30. Could Mr. Invisible be my buzzer beater? The quest continues…


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