3 Is The Magic Number

Fired! (2012)

Dad Reads The News – Fired! (2012)

Over the next two weeks I have 3 projects playing at 3 different festivals across the USA. Honestly, you wait months for a festival and then three bloody come along at once!

First up, Super Chill, the TV pilot based on our web series is in the Independent Pilot Selection of the New York TV Festival. This is a great chance to share it with some of the major US TV networks and screen alongside talent from Breaking Bad, Saturday Night Live, Heroes, 30 Rock (I’m reading these). Basically actual TV stuff. It’s cool that our little comedy we shot for $500 in Portland has been selected. I’m grateful to all the cast and crew in who helped us make it and gave their time and energies in return for just a few snacks from the Penny Market. Perhaps one of the networks will see potential in it and we might get a development deal… If you’re in New York come down the screening! Details here.

Then it’s on to Austin where Mr. Invisible is playing at the Austin Film Festival. Our film is one of only 12 narrative shorts “In Competition”, which means it is up for one of the big awards there and as the festival is an Academy Award-Qualifying one that makes it particularly exciting. There’s so many great films showing in Austin, it’s gonna be inspiring to be in that environment and maybe meet some of my heroes. Will Ferrell is gonna be in attendance, as is Vince Gilligan, the Breaking Bad creator. Dad and I are planning to dress as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White for the Halloween Party. Stalker Alert!

Then finally we’re off to Chicago where my earlier short Fired! is playing in the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. This probably marks the end of Fired!’s festival run, but it’s awesome to be finishing up in the largest festival of films for children in the world. The fest is also Academy Award-Qualifying. Lets get two Oscar nominations can we?

I fly out Sunday morning. I’m genuinely really excited. Partly to share my work with new audiences and partly to just stroll around in my bright yellow Breaking Bad overalls looking at my watch and saying to no one in particular “Ah this is awkward, I’ve gotta get off to ANOTHER festival soon.”

Truthfully I’m very grateful to have this opportunity and it’s a nice validation for my efforts over the past few years. Keep your fingers crossed! I’ll post updates on how I get on out there.


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