Are You Ready For A RevoLOLtion?


You may remember a few months back, we filmed something in a ‘not-so-underground’ bunker’? Well it is almost time to release that to the world.

Next week, I launch a Kickstarter campaign for We Like Laughter, a new online comedy project. The idea is to raise £5000 to fund 5 awesome sketches in 2014. However, we are going to be offering lots of rewards with genuine ways of getting involved in the dream. You’ll also get to wear a beret!

I have been working hard to make sure our page describes our intentions clearly, and offer a good mix of rewards. I am hoping that people like what we put out there, and I hope I can count on you guys to share the page once we launch? We’ll need as much help as possible to spread the word.

Next Thursday is the intended day for the start of the RevoLOLtion. The countdown is on. Mark it in the diary.

Buy Milk. Put Bins Out. Join RevoLOLtion.

For now, perhaps you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for regular updates?

Make laugh,not war.


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