How To Make Better Films Than Me


As part of our Kickstarter funding for We Like Laughter, I’m doing a one-off Filmmaking Course in London early next year. Drawing upon my 10 years experience making films (and winning some awards), the course is for anyone who’s had a film or sketch idea but not known how to go about getting it made. By the end I hope you’ll be better at making films than me.

I’ll tackle everything from the writing process, to getting a crew together and then how to go about getting it into film festivals. Attending the course also means you get to be member of We Like Laughter, which gives you first priority on helping on our shoots as cast or crew. Oh, and you get a red beret!

Check it out our Kickstarter page here.

I really hope to share my knowledge with as many people as possible so please sign up and forward on to anyone you think might want to come along. For those who can’t make the Seminar I am also offering a 90 minute 1-on-1 Skype conversation as a substitute.


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