Bag Snatch


I made a little short film last week for the Guardian 60 Second Film Competition. They set the theme of “SuperHero.” So I worked with Mike Arnott, TV cameraman and my next door neighbour, and we came up with ‘Bag Snatch’. We shot it on the iPhone. It was my aim keep the filming style realistic and everyday but then use that to show something exciting and slightly unreal.

If you want to see an old lady give two chavs a good hiding then give it a watch and maybe even a recommendation. The winner, selected by the Guardian critics, gets an interview with the paper. Fingers crossed!

I plan to release the film as a stand alone video on YouTube in the new year, which, with a bit of luck, may capture attention and get shared around a bit. Hopefully you can help me with that. Will write more about that soon.

Until then, don’t go messin with any OAPs!


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