Scott’s Lookalikes – Watch All 3 Episodes Now

Who needs flowers on Valentine's Day when you've got a whole web series to put in water?

Who needs flowers on Valentine’s Day when you’ve got a whole web series to put in water?

It’s here! After a week of going crazy with final edits (and driving a very helpful editor and sound mixer crazy in the process) the first episode of our web series ‘Scott’s Lookalikes’ is now on You Tube at the Scott’s Lookalikes Channel.

There’s 3 episodes for you to enjoy with each one taking the form of a meeting between Scott and one of his lookalike clients – There’s a James Franco, a Ryan Gosling and a Denzel Washington.

Here’s the James Franco episode for your viewing pleasure:

Help us tell the world about Scott and his lookalike clients by sharing the videos on social media. We have the techonology. Lets use it! If people enjoy these first 3 we can hopefully film some more later in the year featuring lots of other people who look a lot or not much like celebrities.

Join the fun and games at the Scott’s Lookalikes facebook page.


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