Bigfoot Makes It To The Semis!

I got an email today from the nice people at Table Read My Screenplay informing me that my feature comedy script ‘Bigfoot – Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind’ made it to the semi-finals of their Sundance Table Read Competition. Sundance was about a month ago now so the email was a little belated. But apparently 1200 scripts were entered and mine did pretty well. It didn’t make the final of course. Think it got beaten on penalties by Godzilla in the Semis.

I wrote the first draft of the film in the Summer as part of my selection for the second round of the Sundance Writer’s Lab. So far I’ve shown that first draft to few people (Mum & Dad, Chris…). On the whole I’ve decided to sit on it for a while. Given the complexity of the themes and the story I know that there are things that are yet to percolate through my subconscious before I attempt a second draft. Or, in less pretentious terms, I need to figure out how to make it betterer…

Right now I’m writing another feature film idea that is a little closer to home and maybe a little less expensive to make. It’s set in a Supermarket. Bigfoot is epic in scale and emotion. Maybe it will make a good second or third film.

But getting good feedback gives me confidence that it might not be as rough as I think it is. And it’s good to know other people out there believe!


Someone Scared Off All The Children (Photo by Margaret Jacobsen)


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